Java Script Programming

Target audiences

  • Fifth Grade to 12th Grade
  • Lectures: 44
  • Students: 100
  • Duration: 6 weeks
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Our primary goal is to teach students that writing a program is natural and satisfying. We focus on helping student understand the rudiment of programming so they can develop the problem-solving minds. We introduce essential concepts to allow students to write programs to solve problems.

Our Java programming course includes:

  • Introduction to coding
  • explore concepts of coding and why it is important.
  • understanding syntax and rules of programming language
  • understanding binary language
  • what is binary?
  • learn about binary language and how computers use it.
  • Programs vs Algorithms
  • introduction to algorithm
  • understand the difference between a program and an algorithm.
  • Introduction to debugging
  • What is debugging?
  • Processes of finding and fixing errors
  • Common errors
  • Identify and troubleshoot common coding mistakes.
  • introductions to coordinates
  • explore the cartesian coordinates system.
  • Drawing shapes
  • Using coding to draw simple shapes on a coordinate plane.
  • Coding and Mathematics
  • math with coding
  • understanding how coding can be used for mathematical calculations.
  • solving equations
  • learn to write codes to solve simple equations on a coordinate plane.

These topics are divided into modules. Click on curriculum for details.