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Get up to speed with excel, the word’s most popular spreadsheet or Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. Learn how to organize data, perform calculations, edit and format documents. Each course takes you step-by-step with hands on projects which will help you learn how to do it by yourself.

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Microsoft Excel

Course includes: Creating and editing worksheet, working with formulas and functions, Creating and editing charts, Formatting, organizing and getting Data, Data Visualization, Lookup functions in-depth, Mastering Charts, Pivot Tables, and Printing

Microsoft word

Course includes: -Creating and editing documents, -Formatting and customizing documents, collaborating with others and working with reports, Using tables, columns, Graphics, and printing.


Course includes: Creating and editing presentations, Illustrating with pictures and information Graphics, Preparing for delivery and using slide presentation,


Course includes: -Getting started with SharePoint. Understand how to customer SharePoint using modern tools and techniques, Introduction to file collaboration, Plan secure file collaboration, Add featured links to SharePoint stat page, Permissions and sharing, Permission and access Control.